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Earn Green Leaves – Engage the community with ECO-related questions, show your interest in environmental issues, and receive valuable customer feedback.

ECO Rating Process

Assign (1 – 5) Green Leaves based on transparency of the following:

🍃 Reduce – the amount of general waste created
🍃 Reuse or Repurpose – choose sustainable alternatives or redesign to be used again
🍃 Recycle – bins separated properly (glass, plastic, metal, and paper)
🍃 Refuse – limiting single-use plastic and the amount of items that go to the landfill
🍃 Compost – system in place for biodegradable waste such as food scraps

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Green Leaves:
Rating 1 = No Visible Effort or Unaware
Rating 2 = Needs Improvement
Rating 3 = Work in Progress
Rating 4 = Good Impact
Rating 5 = ECO Champion

Green Rating:

All companies must be on the Path to Sustainability in some way to be listed on the ECO Directory. Please review the abbreviated list below and share your green environmental activities. Thank you!

  • Local Food (organic or vegetarian/ vegan)
  • Sustainably Operated (Family Owned, Local, Independent)
  • Green or Natural products
  • Wellbeing (Health and Exercise)
  • Space Efficiency or Co-Working
  • Paperless Office
  • Repurpose/ Reduce/ Reuse/ Composting
  • Highly Visible Waste Recycling
  • ECO- Friendly Packaging
  • Energy and Water Conservation (Smart Thermostat, Low flow toilets, auto-off faucets)
  • Energy Saving Lights (Solar panels)
  • Alternative Transportation/ Car-Free (Electric Vehicle, bike accessibility, walkable communities)
  • Green Building and Home Improvement

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